Change Lives Or Lives That Change?

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Today my friend and coworker Kevin said that he knows that we (the “staff” of Journey, where I work) all want to help “change lives.”

But I’m not sure I do.

For me, to “change lives” means to develop, to bring about incremental growth, to help someone off drugs, or to stop drinking, or to be nicer to their wife, or to otherwise clean up their life. And while I recognize the obvious value and necessity of all of those things, his statement helped me realize that I am something else.

I am more about maximizing the potential of humanity. I instigate ideas, catalyze thought and action. I am a leadership firestarter, igniting flames of passion in others so they can go out and use their lives to change the world.

Maybe it’s semantics, a small distinction. But for me, it was a light bulb.


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  1. internationalmentoringnetwork
    October 2, 2007

    hey maker of fire,

    i feel exactly the same way.
    considering making a trek for HUMANA 2.08
    bring the “staff” with you.


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