still fighting it


I just watched the video for Ben Folds’ song Still Fighting It — probably my favorite off his “Rockin’ The Suburbs” record. You, too, can be ripped from your present earthly state and thrust into a world of nostalgia and emotion by simply pressing PLAY above.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to post something about this; it certainly isn’t that profound or noteworthy. I guess this video just reminded me of how much I absolutely love good art.

I should probably say that I consider art to be good when it contains flowers of truth and beauty; something has been nurtured to the point where it has grown obvious, true, beauty.

I love good music videos and perfect TV/film song placements in particular, because they encompass most everything I love about art — they make you feel, remember, love, whatever. Know what I mean? (If you don’t, you should probably go watch the video and come back to finish reading.)

All I know is that if I have kids someday, I want a video of them playing in the ocean, and me playing with them. I’m not sure if it would be for me or for them — probably more for me, honestly — but I don’t really care… I just need to have it.


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