Hello! I’m Josh Allan Dykstra

About me


Over the last twenty years, I’ve built five companies and worked with some of the most iconic brands on earth (logos below) which have a combined employee count of over a million people.


I’m a TEDx speakerauthor, and CEO, generally obsessed with creating a better future of work.


These days, I only work on world-bending projects that aim to make life fundamentally better for a LOT of people.



I have a habit of constantly sharing ideas about how we can together create a world that is more just and more kind, where every single person can #lovework.

Every year, I work with a few select organizations in a consulting capacity. This keeps me grounded in the work, so I never get disconnected from what matters.

From intimate workshops with executive teams to the TEDx stage, packed hotel ballrooms, expert panels, and startup weeks, I’ve spoken to thousands of amazing humans over the years.  

At the heart of it all, I’m a creator. First, I created music. Then a book. Then a TEDx talk. Then a podcast. And I’ve built multiple companies along the way (my latest is here).

From the blog

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2023: Year In Review

Leadership, Legacy, Life

My (delayed) update reviewing 2023!

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