I realized this morning on my short drive to the office that communication is actually a big part of how I feel alive.

Back in the day, even at the height of my singer/songwriter music performer career, I would have never called myself a prolific songwriter. And now, I write a LOT, and do a ton of graphic design, but I wouldn’t call myself a prolific writer or designer.

But today, it suddenly became clear to me that I am a rather prolific communicator. In some fashion, I am always producing some form of communication.

The reason for that, at least in part, is probably because when I feel/hear/think/realize something, in a strange sense it doesn’t become REAL for me until I’ve shared it. I may do that through a song, a piece of visual art or graphic design, a website, a book, or this blog, but until I’ve passed it along, I’m not actually sure it happened.

To a large degree, I seem to absorb reality by communicating it.

Strange, I know, but it probably has something to do with my StrengthsFinder Communication Theme… can anybody else relate?


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  1. shanda says:

    I wandered on to your post because of the title…
    Communication is one of my Strengths as well, and I fully agree with your analysis here. I’m compelled to share… and I didn’t realize it until I read your words here, but it’s true! It doesn’t feel REAL until I’ve passed it on. Good insights. Its as if you sat in my head for a little bit. :o)

  2. joshallan says:

    Haha! Glad to be of service! ;-) What are your other 4 themes, if you don’t mind me asking??

  3. shanda says:

    You may ask…
    They are:

  4. joshallan says:

    Those are some fantastic themes! What do you do with your talents??

  5. shanda says:

    My life is currently a random compilation of many things:

    I work at Starbucks where I LOVE meeting all sorts of people, building relationships, and influencing people’s daily lives and hopefully – over time the way that they think.

    I am a student working on my MA in Christian Education with a Missions concentration… developing a deeper understanding of who God is as well as who He created me to be… learning to think strategically about serving Him locally and globally and infecting others with a passion to do the same!

    I spend time every week in the inner city – serving and loving some very amazing people!

    And basically, pouring into people’s lives in many unofficial capacities and learning a TON in the process…

    … Because that is what makes my heart tick!

  6. joshallan says:

    Hey Shanda, it sounds like you really have found a lot of places to use your talents! That’s fantastic! How did you get hooked up with the StrengthsFinder? Have you found it to be helpful/insightful in your life? (I’m an always curious StrengthsCoach… ;-)

  7. shanda says:

    I’m not really sure where I first heard of it. I took a class from Erwin McManus a while back and he refers to them a lot… Other churches and organizations I’m familiar with have used it with their leaders. I’m always interested in such things, so I bought the book and took the test on my own. I’ve taken various tests over the years and I’d definitely say it’s one of the best! I probably would have guessed most of my strengths/talents just by flipping through the book but reading about how to further develop them and utilize them to the fullest has been very helpful/insightful. :o)

  8. joshallan says:

    I first discovered it at Mosaic, so I get the Erwin connection! It absolutely IS one of the best… I liked it so much that I got trained by Gallup to be a Coach! It was a really phenomenal experience, and perhaps also explains why I persist in asking you such invasive questions. Ha!

  9. shanda says:

    I’m always open to invasive questions. :o)
    Where do you use your skills as a Coach?

  10. joshallan says:

    Haha, good! I’m currently working at a small church called Journey ( outside of Los Angeles, which is where I get to do most of my coaching. I’m hoping to possibly parlay it into my next job, too, though… whatever that may be. I really love helping people discover what they’re good at, and then helping them achieve it. I guess it makes sense why I love the StrengthsFinder so much, eh?

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