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Testosterone Gel

Testosterone gel belongs to a class of pharmacologic drugs called male hormonal drugs commonly defined as androgens. The testosterone gel is used to manage men who have insufficient/ inadequate or deficient of testosterone.


This is a hormone found in the body. It is the hormone that is accountable for the man-like characteristics such as broadening of shoulders, beards, male physique, and most importantly sexual libido. It is usually given to people who have a lower sexual drive.

Mode Of Action

Testosterone gel works by working in place of the normal hormone (testosterone) that is produced by the body to enhance the body’s manly features.

Testosterone helps the body to develop and maintain the male sexual characteristics (masculinity), such as a deep voice and body hair. It also helps to maintain muscle and prevent bone loss, and is necessary for natural sexual ability/desire.

Apply the medication as directed to clean, dry skin of the shoulders/upper arms once daily in the morning or as directed by your doctor. Apply only to areas that would be covered if you were to wear a short sleeve t-shirt. Certain brands of this medication may also be applied to the stomach area (abdomen). Check your product’s instructions or ask your pharmacist if your brand may be applied to the abdomen. Avoid applying this medication to broken, irritated skin. Do not apply to the genitals (penis or scrotum). Do not let others apply this medication to your body.

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What We’re Missing About The Science Of Strengths on ICF



Almost ten years ago, I learned my strengths.

It was life-changing.

Before I learned about what I now call “a strengths approach to life,” I believed I was supposed to be all things to all people. I thought that if I wasn’t good at everything, the solution was to study more and work harder in the areas of my deficiencies. I tried very hard to be a more well-rounded person in life and a more well-rounded leader at work.

When I learned about another approach—namely, the perspective that applied positive psychology provides—I felt dramatically liberated. In an instant, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders; the simple knowledge that NO ONE is good at everything was profoundly meaningful. It set me free.

And then it didn’t.

As I dove deeper into the strengths approach, I discovered a hole—a gap in my new shiny armor…



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3 Strategies To Thrive In The Future



Awhile back, my friends at Switch & Shift asked me to participate in a video-based mini-series about the future of work and where business is headed. I recorded a (very short!) video illustrating three crucial principles that individuals and organizations must tap into in order to thrive in tomorrow’s emerging economy!

I think we recognize that the world of work has changed dramatically, but we often don’t have an actionable strategy to help us get ahead of the curve in our businesses.

If you’d like to “future-proof” your career, the projects you’re working on, or the organization you’re working with, I’d highly recommend getting familiar with these three strategies.

Watch the video on Switch & Shift!


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