Josh Allan Dykstra

is a CEO & sought-after TEDx speaker who helps leaders understand the future of work and how to design energy-based organizations where people truly #lovework.

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Curing The Plague Of Burnout At Work

TALK CATEGORY: Burnout, Retention, Engagement, Future Of Work
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote presentation

Just before the pandemic began, the World Health Organization declared "burnout" a legitimate medical diagnosis at work. 95% of HR leaders say "burnout" is sabotaging retention but have no solution for it. And now "The Great Resignation" is showing us in vivid detail just what happens when we don’t properly address problems like burnout inside our organizations. But the challenge seems insurmountable... what do we DO?

This session will teach you a simple roadmap for creating a more energizing workplace, along with powerful individual and team energy management strategies that help each person be in flow and at their best every day.

Attendees Will:

  • Uncover a better way to understand how burnout happens
  • Discover a more effective way to positively impact your company culture
  • Learn practical strategies to implement better energy management for leaders and teams


Self-Management, Change, & the Future Of Work

TALK CATEGORY: Strategy, Business Trends, Future Of Work
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote presentation

The world is encountering unprecedented levels of change, and our organizational structures are struggling to keep up. When decisions need to be made faster and customers require more than ever before, how can a company truly organize for agility and innovation?

This session will help participants understand their organization's "operating system" and how to upgrade it through simple practices.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The three ingredients needed to upgrade an organizational operating system
  • Key new habits that will naturally increase distributed decision making
  • How to help people effectively self-manage with more resilience, focus, and productivity