Josh Allan Dykstra

is a CEO & sought-after TEDx speaker whose presentations are focused on helping leaders & entrepreneurs understand the future of work and how to design energy-based organizations where people truly #lovework.

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Curing The Plague Of Burnout At Work

TALK CATEGORY: Burnout, Retention, Engagement, Future Of Work
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote presentation

The World Health Organization recently declared "burnout" a legitimate medical diagnosis at work. A recent Kronos study showed 95% of HR leaders say "burnout" is sabotaging retention but have no solution for it. And "burnout" is increasingly mentioned in the same sentence as "epidemic." For most of us, none of this is a surprise, as we've personally experienced energy depletion and exhaustion at work. But the problem seems insurmountable... what do we DO?

This session will teach you a simple roadmap for creating an energizing workplace operating system plus powerful individual and team energy management strategies that help each person be in flow and at their best every day.

Attendees Will:

  • Discover a more effective way to understand company culture—and how to actually impact it
  • Learn practical strategies to implement better energy management for leaders and teams
  • Leave with a real-life experiment you can run in your organization to stop burnout


Self-Management, Change, & the Future Of Work

TALK CATEGORY: Big-Picture Strategy, Business Trends, Future Of Work
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote presentation

Is top-down management hierarchy the only way to organize a company? Most of us have never experienced anything else, but all around we see pioneers utilizing different organizational “operating systems.” How do we make sense of “self-management,” “holacracy,” “agile,” and “responsive organizations?” Are these different, or perhaps somehow related?

This session will connect the dots between the latest emerging models of organization design, helping leaders interested in creating great places to work understand how companies are evolving and give them tools to future-proof their business.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How the “factory" model of work is STILL destroying our ability to change
  • How a more agile organization actually works (hint: it’s not just “flatter”)
  • Case studies showing that self-managing organizations perform better by almost every metric