On my vacation, my beautiful family-in-law and I visited the Mackinac Island area of Michigan (which I highly recommend if you haven’t been). While traipsing around the commercial tourist trap that is Main Street Mackinaw City, we found a small ice cream shop, and, as it was vacation forgoodnesssake, we knew it was time to partake.

While waiting for said processed dairy, I found a tattered TIME magazine from December 10, 2006 lying on the coffee table in the corner. The cover story was called “How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century.”

As I get older (I know that sounds lame, and I’m not that old yet, but it’s true), I find myself knowing more people with kids, and thinking about having some myself someday (gasp!), and the issue of education is becoming more and more frontburner. I know I’m going to have a boatload of issues that get ferried to the surface when my as-yet unconceived child enters schoolworld, but for now I can remain idealistically detatched, and mostly livid.

What’s it going to take for us to get our schools out of their archaic modern mindset?


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  1. John says:

    Holy crow is right. I heard on the news the other day Oklahoma is below nationwide average in schools and I thought, “Guess it’s time to move soon”…But where?

    Do I have to move out of the country to get a good education for my kid? Probably.

  2. joshallan says:

    In a somewhat (but not really at all) related topic, Jim Wallis posted a fascinating blog about his recent experience with socialized medicine in the UK:

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