Are Great Jobs A Human Rights Issue? Now On Switch & Shift!

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Today, our organizations are a lot of things…

They are the economic engines of the world. For example, did you know that of the top 150 economic entities in the world, 58% of those entities are corporations — not nations/countries?

They are the places where we occupy some most of our time. Where do we spend more of our life than at work? Nowhere.

They are the things that most prominently dictate the way we live. The way we dress, the amount of vacation we get to take, and the people we see most often — all determined primarily by our workplace.

Yes, our organizations are many things. One thing they are NOT, however — at least for most of us — is a center of wellbeing.

But does this really mean a great job is a “human rights issue”…?

I think so — find out why!



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