Don’t Forget Your Green Apron

January 19, 2006By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

Every once in a great while I have these random moments of clarity; like suddenly everything makes sense and I have this peaceful, beautiful perspective of all that’s in existence. They’re always brief — like a flash of lightening that burns a shadow on my mind’s retina, leaving an imprint, a sense, much more lingering … Read More

The Lovely Bones

December 13, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy No Comments

I wrote this on December 10th, 2005, at 3:33pm in Vail, Colorado, right after finishing a book by Alice Sebold called “The Lovely Bones;” its aftershocks are potent, and it is a book I highly recommend. ———— It shakes me heavily how someone can compose something so poignantly beautiful out of a story so horrifically … Read More

To Believe In God

December 4, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy No Comments

“To believe in God is to believe in the salvation of the world.” “The paradox of our time is that those who believe in God do not believe in the salvation of the world, and those who believe in the future of the world do not believe in God.” “Christians believe in ‘the end of … Read More