If you ended up here, you’re probably curious as to what this “revolution” is all about.

In essence, the economic landscape of business is going to experience a tectonic upheaval (i.e. BIG change) over the next few years. We are already experiencing a complete turnaround (ahem, revolution) in the way work works.

As thought leaders, catalysts, and revolutionaries we are committed to helping “push” these changes in a positive direction. Unlike the picture above, we do not wish for this to be an uprising of guns and violence, but instead, a revolution of goodness and creation, where we build organizations that are life-giving and workplaces that are energizing.

I hope you’ll consider joining The Work Revolution movement.

When you join, you’re committing to two things:

First, we pledge to a habit of continual learning. There are more ways than ever to stay connected to the world. Join Twitter and follow some interesting people. Go watch a few (or fifty) TED videos. Read Seth and/or Umair.

Second, we commit to doing something positive. We will do whatever we can, in our particular circle of influence, with our individual talents and voice and genius, to spread the word about a better way to work.



There are two ways to stay connected to the work I’m doing. Blog updates (once a week-ish) and Work Revolution updates (once a quarter-ish and big announcements). Feel free to sign up for one or both. I promise: no spam, ever.

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