the last day of school


Maybe it was because it feels like spring (about 60 degrees and sunny here in Colorado) or maybe it was because I just got my last shift covered at the Buck, but for whatever reason, today felt like the last day of school.

Remember that feeling?

The rumbling anticipation, the giddy happiness, the tart spring air, the budding green on trees, the strange contentment that can only come with completing something; with the grateful closing of a chapter and the thrilling start of something new?

Man, it’s been a long time since I felt that… but today I did.

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still fighting it


I just watched the video for Ben Folds’ song Still Fighting It — probably my favorite off his “Rockin’ The Suburbs” record. You, too, can be ripped from your present earthly state and thrust into a world of nostalgia and emotion by simply pressing PLAY above.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to post something about this; it certainly isn’t that profound or noteworthy. I guess this video just reminded me of how much I absolutely love good art.

I should probably say that I consider art to be good when it contains flowers of truth and beauty; something has been nurtured to the point where it has grown obvious, true, beauty.

I love good music videos and perfect TV/film song placements in particular, because they encompass most everything I love about art — they make you feel, remember, love, whatever. Know what I mean? (If you don’t, you should probably go watch the video and come back to finish reading.)

All I know is that if I have kids someday, I want a video of them playing in the ocean, and me playing with them. I’m not sure if it would be for me or for them — probably more for me, honestly — but I don’t really care… I just need to have it.


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