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Goals For 2019 + Reflection

1) Regular yoga practice

One word: FINALLY. After literal years · of · attempts, I was able to re-build this habit into my life. A special thanks to my friend and neighbor Ashil for being my mid-week yoga buddy and to Noelle @ the amazing Kindness Yoga for leading the best class I’ve found in Denver.

2) Build and release a mobile app that revolutionizes how we help transform leaders and organizations

You haven’t heard much about this yet, but this DID happen… and I’m ecstatic about it. The Helios team did a soft launch of our new app with a small group of already-certified consultants/coaches here in Denver in October, and the app is already being used with a few select clients! We’ll be doing a more public launch sometime in Q1 2020… stay tuned.

3) Create a lot of virtual content to help people love work and to help organizations work more effectively

I’ll put a checkmark by this one, too. I started publishing regularly in March on the Helios blog, and ended up posting 19 brand new articles over the rest of the year, including a few in Culturati Magazine, Inc., and Forbes.

Here are the three I’m most fond of:

In addition to the above pieces, I also produced a veritable buttload of content for our new app.

I thought I’d have written my second book by now, and while that technically hasn’t happened, I realized a couple months ago that I actually HAVE written it — and it’s the mobile app I mentioned in #2.

I knew I wanted my next book to be the “how” of an ebOS. The app actually goes a step further, as it doesn’t just “tell” you how but TEACHES you how. We’ve come to think of it like a “coach in your pocket” that gamifies the process of loving work… it’s really damn cool, and I’m incredibly proud of it.

I can’t wait for us to publicly release this thing; look for the official announcement coming sometime in Q1 2020!

4) Spread the TEDx far and wide

This one gradually got de-prioritized as building the app attracted more and more of my time/energy/attention throughout the year. I’m still immensely proud of the talk, and I’m still intending to help it find its audience over the next couple years.

If you haven’t watched it, or want a refresher, go HERE — and here’s a great link to share if you so desire: joshallan.com/tedx ⬅️ contains great downloads and next steps

Accomplishments & Fun In 2019

  • Rebuilt the Helios Launch experience from the ground up (this is how we certify people — it’s our core product offering)
  • Debuted the new Launch experience with an amazing client in Paris in Q1, then went back to Paris for another one in Q3!
  • Took kiddos to Estes Park, Great Wolf Lodge, Ella Enchanted @ Arvada Center, Disney On Ice @ Denver Coliseum, Goodnight Moon @ DCPA, Boo At The Zoo, Gaylord Rockies holiday extravaganza, and Zoo Lights
  • Hosted a book launch of Josh Levine’s new book via CULTURELABx
  • Saw some great shows at DCPA: A Bronx Tale, The Play That Goes Wrong, Hello Dolly, & Miss Saigon
  • Watched my oldest daughter graduate from kindergarten AND perform her first piano recital (all the feels)
  • Went to the Unicorn Festival (yeah, it’s a real thing — and kiddos love it)
  • Enjoyed our yearly visit to Anderson Farms’ Fall Festival
  • Upgraded from an ooooold queen bed to a king-size with Casper mattress (life-changing, I tell you!)
  • Started working out at Orangetheory, an amazing and intense blend of cardio + weight training — exactly what I was looking for!
  • Watched both my little ladies do ballet in their performance of Nutcracker
  • Had a fabulous trip to Disney World with my kiddos and in-laws
  • Spoke at events for the OD Network, Global Healing Collective, Boulder Startup Week, HOBY Colorado Leadership Seminar, and 3to5 Club

Priorities/Intentions/Goals For 2020

  1. Physical/mental/emotional wellness
  2. Build more great friendships in Denver
  3. Publicly release the new app
  4. Write and publish three new articles every month
  5. Zero biz travel that isn’t my highest & best contribution
  6. Reboot Work Revolution

2020 is promising to be a year of great transformation… let’s go!

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  1. Cricket says:

    Wow~We made the List! Go Team Josh!

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