The 12 Best Songs You’ve Never Heard

January 16, 2015By Josh Allan DykstraLife 2 Comments

Music is one of my first loves, and even though I’m not performing or writing music at the moment, I am still terribly addicted to incessantly searching for new, amazing songs. Over the holiday break, I was sharing great tunes back and forth with a good friend in Michigan, and it occurred to me just how much … Read More

2014: Year In Review

January 9, 2015By Josh Allan DykstraLife 4 Comments

My goals for 2014, and a reflection on each: 1) Increase overall revenue 50% over 2013 Made it! In 2014 my business revenue increased 64%. 2) Increase speaking revenue percentage from 5% to 15% of overall revenue I didn’t make this goal—it only bumped from 5% to 8%. Though I will say (as I also mentioned last year), a big … Read More

Fresh Holiday Music From Josh

November 20, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLife 4 Comments

If you’ve only bumped in to my orbit within the last couple years, there are a few things you might not know about me. The mystery item of primary importance for this post would be that I am a musician. Before I dove into the rabbit hole of company culture and making organizations great, I was convinced I … Read More