How To Work With Gen Y, Part 2

March 7, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership, Legacy 2 Comments

One more thought on last week’s popular post: This one is about Gen Y and “business results.” We know the world of work is changing fast; perhaps faster than ever before, in all of human history. What we sometimes forget, in the haze of our frenetic busy-ness, is that this rapid pace means organizations who … Read More

How To Work With Gen Y

February 28, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership, Legacy 1 Comment

When I started writing Igniting the Invisible Tribe, I began my research by studying generations in the workplace. I wanted to see if age-related conflicts could be the cause of the epic friction we feel in business today. While I eventually dismissed generational contrast as a root cause, I continue to hear about the difficulties … Read More

Advice For My Daughter: How To See People

February 21, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy, Life 1 Comment

There’s a tendency among us humans to look at large groups of people — cultural groups, religious groups, gender groups, whatever — and point out how different “we” are from “them.” “Oh, my group would never do anything like ‘they’ do…!” We also like to make dangerous generalizations when it comes to individuals. We lump them — … Read More