What Does A Great Workplace Look Like?

April 7, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership, Legacy 1 Comment

Recently, I was invited into a circle of work revolutionaries who are drafting a “declaration” that accurately describes the essence of the global movement we’re seeing towards more life-giving organizations. Not a Declaration of Independence, but a “Declaration of Awesome Companies,” if you will. As part of this process, one of our tasks is to … Read More

How To Work With Gen Y, Part 2

March 7, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership, Legacy 2 Comments

One more thought on last week’s popular post: This one is about Gen Y and “business results.” We know the world of work is changing fast; perhaps faster than ever before, in all of human history. What we sometimes forget, in the haze of our frenetic busy-ness, is that this rapid pace means organizations who … Read More