The People Who Run The World

May 15, 2013By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy, Life 2 Comments

The people who run the world do so because they care to do so. They are not any smarter than you or me. They don’t have access to any better information. They’re certainly not of higher character or moral fiber (if that wasn’t proved to you in 2008-2009, you weren’t paying attention). They don’t have … Read More

2012: Year In Review

January 6, 2013By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership, Legacy, Life 6 Comments

My goals for 2012 were: Publish and release my book. Travel outside of the US at least once. Increase Strengths Doctors revenues and client list. Speak more targeted gigs (corporations, conferences, leadership institutes, etc.) and get paid regularly for them. Do yoga Get some form of physical activity/exercise and floss every day (hey, I like my … Read More