Advice For My Daughter: How To See People

February 21, 2014By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy, Life 1 Comment

There’s a tendency among us humans to look at large groups of people — cultural groups, religious groups, gender groups, whatever — and point out how different “we” are from “them.” “Oh, my group would never do anything like ‘they’ do…!” We also like to make dangerous generalizations when it comes to individuals. We lump them — … Read More

Advice for My Daughter: Ask Questions

September 3, 2013By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy, Life 10 Comments

Today I’m launching an idea that I’m hoping will become a recurring column here called Advice For My Daughter, outlining the most important things I’ve learned (and continue to learn) about life on this strange planet. I hope you enjoy it as well! -Josh Dear daughter, One of the most important things you can do … Read More

The People Who Run The World

May 15, 2013By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy, Life 2 Comments

The people who run the world do so because they care to do so. They are not any smarter than you or me. They don’t have access to any better information. They’re certainly not of higher character or moral fiber (if that wasn’t proved to you in 2008-2009, you weren’t paying attention). They don’t have … Read More