The Work Revolution Podcast

September 28, 2020By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership, Legacy, Life No Comments

Hello my friends! I apologize for the radio silence here on my blog for the last few months. Something you might not know is that when we all went into full-on quarantine mode, I felt deeply compelled to reboot a project that’s been dormant for the past couple years called The Work Revolution. The Work … Read More

“Avoiding The Catastrophic Technical Debt Of Sub-Par Culture” on Helios Blog

February 19, 2020By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership No Comments

Bear with me as I attempt to bring a slightly nerdy concept into relevance this week. I think you’ll see it’s a powerful idea that can help us work in better ways. Nice web site I buy vidalista from this which I recommend In technology there’s an idea called “technical debt,” defined in Wikipedia … Read More