My Life, A Movie

March 16, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

(This post was mostly taken from a rare journal entry of mine back in August 26, 2003. It was just returned to my thoughts by this interview with Eugene Peterson.) [audio:] It seems to me that the masses of the American public, myself included, desire to live their lives in the magical moments of a … Read More

Adventures In The Car Pool Lane

January 26, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

Ah, the car pool. Now, I understand that “pool” has different meanings, but for me it just brings to mind an image of the old community swimming pool back home, lined with fading chipped baby-blue paint and car grills and headlights bobbing up through the water. The scaredy-cars are cowering near the edges, and a … Read More

College Students

January 25, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

I almost hit a college student with my car today. I didn’t, though, so don’t worry (I knew you were worried). Apparently, trying to get directions out of the (very) tiny screen of a Palm Pilot and driving are two things that the male brain should not attempt to do concurrently. So, I’m in the … Read More