Hello my friends!

I apologize for the radio silence here on my blog for the last few months.

Something you might not know is that when we all went into full-on quarantine mode, I felt deeply compelled to reboot a project that’s been dormant for the past couple years called The Work Revolution.

The Work Revolution project has always been a fluid, evolving endeavor, and in this particular moment it seemed right to reimagine it as a podcast.

So I started recording regular thoughts on what (the hell!?) was happening and releasing them in short videos as well as audio-only podcasts, which you can now find pretty much everywhere podcasts are found (just search for The Work Revolution).

Between May 11th and September 8th I recorded 22 episodes for Season 1, doing my best to make sense out of everything going on while also providing a hopeful and constructive perspective on what we, collectively, might do next.

Creating this podcast has been a true joy. 

It honestly helped keep me sane during quarantine by offering me a focus on “something bigger.” It also helped me clarify my own thinking about everything that’s been going on.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sending out Work Revolution episodes from Season 1. You’ll see a bit of “timeliness” in some of them, but even so I believe you’ll still find them to be highly relevant. I hope they serve you in some fashion.

If you can’t wait to check ’em out, go HERE. Otherwise, look for Episode 1 in your inbox soon!

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