My goals for 2013, and a reflection on each:

1) Regular physical activity every day

This goal was an epic fail for me (again) until about November, when I decided to use something I typically hate — the loss of sunshine when Daylight Saving Time ends — to my advantage and reclaim my extra hour in the morning for a simple exercise routine. Good news: so far, I’ve been able to keep this up! In addition to some stretches I start with (from here), this is my workout.

2) Sell 2,500 books

While I haven’t received the official count for 2013 yet, I know I didn’t hit this goal. Optimistically, I moved about 500 books in 2013. I don’t consider this to be a big failure, however, especially when considering what I’ll say in the next two goals. Though it may seem absurdly obvious to you, I learned something vitally important about selling books in 2013 that will help my sales strategy moving forward — books don’t move unless I promote them. For example, when I do a speaking engagement, I sell books. Many times, I sell lots of them. But when I don’t do some kind of “event” to promote them, they don’t sell. Like I said: very simple, but now I know that if I want to sell more books, I just have to increase my speaking, etc.

3) Increase speaking income (target = 30% of total revenue via speaking)

In 2013, my speaking revenue was only 5% of my total revenue. This was a percentage decrease from 2012, when I averaged about 10% of my total revenue just from speaking. My overall revenue increased 72% over 2012, however, so even though the percentage decreased, the actual speaking revenue amount stayed about the same.

4) Double overall business revenue from 2012

While I didn’t quite double from last year, I do feel pretty good about a 72% increase.

5) Release a brand new eBook (about my time working at Apple)

Wow, I didn’t even look at this project this year. This may happen in 2014…?

6) Re-edit and re-release my first book, Blur, as an eBook

Didn’t look at this either. This will probably get pushed back to 2015.

7) Officially launch The Work Revolution project

Our website ( had a quiet launch in the summer, and then The Work Revolution Summit made quite a splash in NYC in September. There is a LOT more to come from this project in 2014. Go here to join the movement and stay in the loop.

8) Blog less, publish more

I definitely did this. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Accomplishments & Big Stuff From 2013:

  • Participated in a pilot for a mindfulness group called “Amazing Year” (we’re hoping to take this more public soon)
  • Not a highlight: one of my closest friends, Will Gray, passed away at 32 from cancer (I know this is no fun, but it had a huge impact on my year)
  • New original articles published in Fast Company, Forbes (12, and 3) and Switch & Shift (1 and 2)
  • My wife and I moved from a one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment and had our first baby… on the same day (yes, for real)
  • Traveled to Kansas City, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Ohio, San Diego, Austin, San Jose, Napa/Yountville, Cambria, Sacramento, Detroit, and Coeur d’Alene
  • Saw a Holocaust survivor speak
  • Had two “babymoons” before baby arrived (Hearst Castle and San Diego Safari Park)
  • Moved my business into a small office in downtown Toluca Lake
  • Visited Disneyland four times (not bad, considering we were pregnant — tough for rides — and then had a baby in July!)
  • Had sixteen speaking engagements
  • Learned to play ukulele


Goals For 2014:

  • Increase overall revenue 50% over 2013
  • Increase speaking revenue percentage from 5% to 15% of overall revenue
  • Clarify and integrate the consulting side of my business brand
  • Post one new blog entry every week (some of these will probably be links to new articles of mine in other publications)
  • Record and release audiobook version of Igniting the Invisible Tribe
  • Sell 1000 books (i.e. roughly double 2013 sales)
  • Grow the Work Revolution movement via (at least) one large event, through doubling our tribe size, and by doubling our Revolutionary interview database


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