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When I think about what’s next for me and the consulting practice, I am pondering a couple of things — and neither is going to sound very sexy.

To figure out where we should be going, I take a look at what humans and organizations need to move the world forward in a positive way. When I think about this, it boils down to two things: more belief and better systems.


I used to think that the way to improve business was to scientifically prove that what we were doing worked better. But the more you go down this road, the more you realize that the proof is already out there — and has been for quite a long time.

This means the problem isn’t a lack of proof but a lack of belief.

Most people don’t believe that work can be good, healthy, and life-giving. At a very basic level, most of us believe work is supposed to suck, and so in a terrible, grand self-fulfilling prophecy, it continues to do just that.

Look for a lot more of my work to be focused in this area, as my partners and I create more ways to inspire and galvanize you, the true work revolutionaries.


The next things we need, particularly at the organization level, are better systems. Businesses have plenty of systems right now, of course, but most of them really suck. (Think: performance reviews, phone tree systems, meetings driven by powerpoints, etc.) These things don’t make people’s lives easier or more bearable — in fact, they do the opposite.

But making things better is the only true reason a system should exist.

Right now, most of our human systems make things more complicated and less energized. This needs to stop. Now. (Yesterday would be better.) We need to drastically re-envision the way a business tribe is organized, and we need dramatically new systems to power this new kind of company.

We’ll continue to innovate here as well, providing you the tools you need to create better, more life-giving human systems. (I can’t wait to share what I’m working on!)


UPDATE 9/18/15 — Consulting practice website URL


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