One of my obsessions is new music. It’s like a drug… and thankfully much cheaper. ;-) And even if you’re not as flashy as Elton, in my humble opinion at least, here are 12 songs that will make your iPod categorically better. It’s a proven fact, actually.*

MUSIC STARTS HERE — links go straight to iTunes!
* I did a study. Not really. But it is on Wikipedia.**
** Not really. But you will love this music!

01. Meese – “Next In Line

02. Everest – “Angry Storm

03. Deb Talan – “Big Strong Girl

04. Iron & Wine – “Communion Cups & Someone’s Coat

05. The Format – “She Doesn’t Get It

06. The Cast of Glee – “Don’t Stop Believin’

07. Bell X1 – “Eve, The Apple Of My Eye

08. Brandi Carlile – “Hiding My Heart

09. The Rescues – “I Miss Missing You

10. Jim Bianco – “Painkiller

11. Augustana – “Rest, Shame, Love

12. The Weepies – “How You Survived The War



4 Replies to “12 Songs You Need On Your iPod”

  1. Jessica Perez says:

    Sweet stuff – thanks for sharing!

  2. Rose says:

    this is cool. where do u find this music?

  3. josh Allan says:

    The blue links on the titles should send you straight to iTunes! Enjoy!

  4. JES says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I’m glad I found this! I’m nuts for new music too. I try to spread it around and if I don’t research daily, I lose it. Ha. You should dj or something sir!

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