Even though it never snows where I live, I grew up in a place where the cold of winter seeps into your bones and December really does hold the darkest night of the year. Sparkling lights, hot cocoa, and melancholy music all seem to make more sense in that atmosphere, but the nostalgia still feels real and I’m grateful for that.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite holiday songs this season. I tried to make sure they were either slightly left-of-center (maybe even off your radar) or so extraordinarily beautiful that you simply must have them.

Happy holidays, my friends.

01. Ron Sexsmith – “Maybe This Christmas

02. The Weepies – “All That I Want

03. Over The Rhine (feat. Terri Templeton) – “Silent Night

04. Sleeping At Last – “Silver Bells

05. Hem – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

06. Brandi Carlile – “The Heartache Can Wait

07. Matthew Hall & Meagan Moore (from The Polar Express) – “When Christmas Comes To Town

08. The Rescues – “All That I Want For Christmas (Is To Give My Love Away)

09. Fall Out Boy – “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

10. SHeDAISY feat. Rascal Flatts – “Twist Of The Magi

11. Sufjan Stevens – “Get Behind Me, Santa

12. Gayla Peevey – “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

*BONUS TRACK* Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip – “O Holy Night”
TV Series Here | Download Here



  • Holy Xmas music, Batman! I know I’m a tad tardy here, but nonetheless, this is the best holiday mix I’ve ever heard. The first track I happened to click on the Weepies’ ‘All That I Want’, ’cause I don’t know them and I was curious. Lo and behold, it’s a song I’ve been looking for since I heard it in some commercial or other three months ago! Thanks for that, and for your great suggestions (even if I’m a month or so late in taking them).

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