Welcome to Part III of 12 Songs You Need On Your iPod.

This list is something I’m calling the Goosebumps Edition. I don’t mean this in a scary, book/tv series from the nineties kind of way, but more so in a “these songs tell such heart wrenchingly beautiful stories they give me goosebumps even after I hear them a hundred times” kind of way.

You might think some are a bit cheesy, but, well, I happen to like a bit of cheese now and then. ;-) I hope you enjoy at least a few as much as I do.

01. Five For Fighting – “Note To The Unknown Soldier

02. Butch Walker – “Joan

03. Tim McGraw – “Don’t Take The Girl

04. Eminem – “Stan

05. David Wilcox – “Last Chance Waltz

06. Ben Folds – “Still Fighting It

07. Billy Joel – “The Downeaster ‘Alexa’

08. James Taylor – “Millworker (Live)

09. Taylor Swift – “The Best Day

10. Jason Robert Brown – “Nothing In Common

11. Imogen Heap – “Goodnight & Go

12. Rascal Flatts – “Skin (Sarabeth)

HONORABLE MENTION: Bob Carlisle – “Butterfly Kisses.” As a man, this song absolutely wrecks me in my more vulnerable moments, but it’s a little too cheesy, even for this list. Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day” is about as far as I can go without degenerating into a weepy mess all over you.


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