Don’t Forget Your Green Apron

January 19, 2006By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

Every once in a great while I have these random moments of clarity; like suddenly everything makes sense and I have this peaceful, beautiful perspective of all that’s in existence. They’re always brief — like a flash of lightening that burns a shadow on my mind’s retina, leaving an imprint, a sense, much more lingering … Read More

Reality & TV

July 14, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

Sometimes I hear people criticize a movie or a TV show for not being realistic. But the truth is, we don’t really want realistic, do we? I mean, if we really wanted REAL real life, we’d set our lawn chairs outside the neighbors’ house and watch them every night. Hm. No, I think want we … Read More


June 30, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

Today in Michigan it rained; The sky turned a blue the shade Of a deep, angry ocean And the atmosphere cracked Like someone quite large was Ripping the sky in half. It Was Beautiful. //