Ben Stein On The Military

July 21, 2008By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership No Comments

While I Swim at Home, Our Combatants Fight On by Ben Stein (from NewsMax Magazine June 2008, Pg. 34) THERE IS A MAGNIFICENT SCENE IN BLADE RUNNER, MY FAVORITE postwar movie, in which Rutger Hauer, who plays a replicant, a human-looking robot, prepares to die. He tells his possibly human pursuer, Harrison Ford, that he … Read More

Triage Or Die

May 11, 2008By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership No Comments

I’ve been thinking about the concept of “triage” a lot lately. I understand that being a borderline hypochondriac doesn’t exactly qualify me to talk about triage as a medical concept, but I think as a more general idea, the concept of triage has a lot to offer. Allow me to explain… Wikipedia, the most reliable … Read More