Just A Bit Of Silliness, Really

January 14, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

I’m not sure what happened to me. You should know, before I begin, that I’m one of those people that saves every email they’ve ever written or received. So, as you can well imagine, approximately half of my 40GB hard drive is taken up with email (just kidding, but it’s really no laughing matter how … Read More


January 13, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

So, I just finished writing (literally, just now) a new song called Soul, and, oh, am I all about moody songs right now. You know the kind: the beautiful and terrible poems set to music that elicit visions of nostalgia and fear, of joy and hatred. (If you need artists, reference Damien Rice, Patty Griffin, … Read More

The Beginning

January 12, 2005By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

Welcome to my first attempt at “the blog!” For the longest time I had no idea what “blog” even meant; I thought it sounded like some kind of jello mold gone awry or an obscure Star Wars character, but no, in fact, it’s THIS. So here we are and away we go… By way of … Read More