Luminaries & Black Holes

February 26, 2007By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

The most brilliant minds on the planet will tell you that the universe is expanding. We invent telescopes and we create science fiction to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” but we never really reach the edges or the explanations. Erwin McManus suggests that the space inside each person is even more vast … Read More

“What Would Jesus Do?” From GQ

February 9, 2007By Josh Allan DykstraLife 7 Comments

A couple years back, a guy named Walter Kirn, the literary editor for GQ Magazine at the time, actually took a week of his life and immersed himself completely in the christian subculture: all christian music, christian books, christian websites, christian food, christian everything. The resulting article is intense and fascinating; it’s quite long, but … Read More

California: The Edge Of Nothing (Except Maybe Sanity)

February 1, 2007By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy No Comments

I won’t lie: part of me moved to Los Angeles because I have an illness: it’s called “I-need-to-be-on-the-edge-ness-ingytis.” Apparently, there are innovators, early adapters, early majority, late majority, and boring/lazy people — I mean “laggards” — out there. Well, I try to hit that spot right between innovator and early adapter, and tell myself that … Read More