Gen Y (Y Not?)

June 12, 2007By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership 2 Comments

It seems as though many folks are having a hard time putting all the pieces together for how to relate to Gen Y. There is an incredible amount of work being done on this topic right now, but I thought this article from Fortune Magazine actually had some pretty good insight. It’s a bit long … Read More

War, PTS, & Responsibility

June 4, 2007By Josh Allan DykstraLegacy No Comments

A couple nights ago, some of my good friends and coworkers attended a post traumatic stress (PTS) informational workshop/presentation for families of war veterans. They went to support the efforts of an amazing man in our community that works to help said vets. Result: they went in jaded, and came out different. Nutshell of what … Read More

All This Gravity

April 19, 2007By Josh Allan DykstraLife No Comments

When you live in the desert, you try to get out whenever you can. “Yesterday Morning” by Matt Wertz As per our usual weekly arrangement, I accompanied my lovely wife on her ride down to acting class on Tuesday night. (And by “accompanied,” of course I mean drove the hour-plus ride and she took a … Read More