It used to be that if we wanted to be mentored by someone we had to know them personally, and well enough to ask this relatively personal favor.

That, or hope they were a published author.

Not anymore.

Now, anyone who would like to share their wisdom and insight can start a blog or join Twitter, and anyone else can effectively mentored by them without having any personal connection at all.

Is it the same? Not exactly, but I do think there’s something quite magical about the time we live in.

Take advantage of it.

P.S. Bonus question: Who’s your favorite Invisible Mentor (someone you follow religiously that you don’t actually know)…? Mine is Seth Godin.



  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your post. An invisible mentor is a unique leader you can learn things from by observing them from a distance. My blog is called The Invisible Mentor and it’s an educational blog.


  • Hi Avil, thanks so much for stopping by!

    I was absolutely delighted to see that you have a website dedicated to this idea. Seems like we may have much in common; it’s great to connect with you.

  • The definition of a mentor has definitely changed. I see it as having multiple part time mentors vs. one full time one. People are busier today and we should be thankful for what time we can get. Just like your example of Seth Godin, we may appreciate someone’s advice even if we never meet them in person. As a coach, I’ve really enjoyed learning about Neuroleadership from David Rock. He’s solid.

  • Hi Josh
    The internet has so many fantastic facets, the invisible mentor is just one of them.

    There are so many sites out there showing you how to live a better life. I visit a few and read the articles, sometimes leave a comment.

    The interner… completely changed the way we look for information and the way we interact.

    BTW – love your theme – light, bright and visually stimulating.

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