The Social Media Revolution video I posted yesterday got some good dialogue going on my Facebook page, so I thought I’d bring it on over here. A couple of my friends brought out some pretty interesting issues… the discussion went like this:

Josh: I am endlessly fascinated about this stuff. I’m actually working on a book that’s all about this “shift” and how it’s SO much deeper than many people think it is. Trying to figure out the best way to release the info (do people really still read books?!?). I’ll keep posting things on the blog as I get it figured out!

Briana: Maybe you will have to do an e-book so people can download and read it on their Kindle, iPod, etc. :)

Nate: Please don’t ask “do people really still read books” to someone with an MA in Lit.

Josh: I will definitely make all the info available somehow, on the blog, in eBook or something (or everything!). Haha, I think the book question is an interesting one… people don’t need “books” after all, do we? We need stories and information exchange.

Nate: For that remark you have been banned from borrowing any more of my books!!!

Josh: Hahaha I LOVE books. I’m just wondering if our kids will feel the same…?

(Hope you don’t mind my re-posting, friends.)

So, the question is… are we looking down the road at the death of books?

Of course it won’t be today, tomorrow, or the next day — but maybe in our lifetimes?

I suppose the bigger question is: do we really need books to get what we need?

I’m not convinced we do.

What humanity needs are more great stories and ways to continue the infection of good information across our personal networks. Technically speaking, we don’t need books to do either of those things.

As Mr. Shirky says here (love that guy), we don’t need newspapers — we need journalism. I would add that we don’t need CD’s (or even mp3s) — we need music.

As much as I love the feeling of holding and reading a book (it’s pure liquid nostalgia and magic, I tell you!), do they belong on that list as well?

It may just be a matter of time before the Reaper comes for our leather bound first editions.


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