Driving home from the office today I got stuck behind one of those huge old Dodge Ram vans — you know the kind where you can fit an entire living room set in the back. Most of it was beige-ish, although the cream-colored paint was fraying from the edges around the doors and windows like it was running for its life. On the back right rear door, just below the window, it had a bumper sticker that said:

RELAX: God is in control.

Now, that might be true (I like to think it is), but let’s just be honest with ourselves — God is not going to come down and paint your frickin’ van.

These things are our responsibility.

I got a call today from a good friend of mine who has been hit with a series of really crappy life circumstances lately. Now some of them he created, and he owns that, but the point of the call was to let me know that he’s fed up with it, and he’s doing some things to change his life. Taking steps. Moving forward.

The big picture might very well be taken care of, but that doesn’t mean we should just sit there and wait for God to come over with a bucket of beige.

What are you doing — TODAY — to improve the situations in your life? You don’t have to be sick to get better.


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