So, if you are a regular reader, you probably already know that I write freelance articles and movie reviews for It’s been a lot of fun for me; I’ve really grown to appreciate the brilliance of the medium of film for communicating ideas of all kinds.

About two months ago, I reviewed Spider-Man 3. I rather liked the movie and, apparently, the rest of the world seriously did not, so upon reading some of the comments that got posted below my article I felt very much like, oh, what do they say… a whore in church. Yes, that’s it. (Of course, the fact that that phrase means what it does saddens me on another level, but that’s probably another day, another post, eh?)

I’m not going to retract anything I said about Spider-Man 3; I still agree with myself. I’d like to see the film again, actually, and will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD (widescreen, please). But it has occurred to me that I did, perhaps, omit a few things from my review that should have been said. Forgive me, dear readers, for missing it the first time (and for it taking me two months to write it down):


Unfortunately, there were just too many villains. Yes, in a sense, it made the editing even more impressive (because despite the 80+, give or take, bad guys it was still quite understandable), but it’s also true that the overall movie would have been vastly improved by simplifying the myriad villain storylines. Specifically (sorry Thomas Haden), we could’ve done without Sandman. The effects were a lot of fun, if not slightly exaggerated, but I think almost every Spider-Fan would agree with me when I say, “Give us more Venom!”



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