The most brilliant minds on the planet will tell you that the universe is expanding. We invent telescopes and we create science fiction to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” but we never really reach the edges or the explanations.

Erwin McManus suggests that the space inside each person is even more vast and complicated. From his latest book, Soul Cravings:

“There is as much mystery inside as there is outside — maybe more. If you look carefully inside people, you’ll find both luminaries and black holes. And if you choose to walk with someone for a lifetime, you’ll find that no matter how well you know him or her, there’s still so much you don’t know.

[Unfortunately], some people seem to live in a very small universe. Their world has room only for themselves. While their souls have every potential to be ever expanding, they seem instead to be the center of a collapsing universe — no room for dreams, for hope, for laughter, for love, for others — room only for themselves.”

I desperately want to work with Luminaries, and I am making it my goal to un-surrounded myself of the Black Holes who have no desire to ever become Stars.

Individuals who strive to absorb the sun from everyone else on their path to obscurity are not welcome here; life is just too short.

I need the light.


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