15 October

A Better System Of Care and The Work Revolution

“When law firms and corporations lose talented women who reject lock-step career paths and question promotion systems that elevate quantity of hours worked over quality of the work itself, the problem is not with the women. The problem is with the workplace.” A Toxic Work World by Anne-Marie Slaughter — New York Times, Sept 18, 2015 […]

13 March

Patrick Pichette’s Retirement & Two Terrible Choices

The other morning I read that Patrick Pichette, the CFO of Google, would be leaving the company in order to spend more time with his wife. In fact, before going any further with this post, you should probably just take a moment and read his full statement here. I had a few reactions to this. First, […]

16 January

The 12 Best Songs You’ve Never Heard

Music is one of my first loves, and even though I’m not performing or writing music at the moment, I am still terribly addicted to incessantly searching for new, amazing songs. Over the holiday break, I was sharing great tunes back and forth with a good friend in Michigan, and it occurred to me just how much […]