“The Way You Think About Business Needs A Revolution” in Brand Quarterly

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Honored to be featured in the latest issue of Brand Quarterly. Check out the excerpt below and visit BQ to read the rest!

Stroll into the headquarters of most large organizations these days and you’ll find all sorts of interesting things—ping pong tables, free drinks, laundry service, paid sabbaticals, free snacks, dogs in the office, nap rooms, coffee shops, rock climbing walls, beer on tap, free gym memberships, and if you’re really lucky, an enormous silver swirly slide between floor levels in the cafeteria (yes, seriously).

Many times, we see all these phenomenal perks from the outside and think, “Wow, what a great culture! It must be amazing to work in a place like that.” And to an extent, this sentiment is true: workplaces with crazy awesome perks are often reasonably good places to work.

But it’s not the perks that make them great.

It’s the great that makes the perks.

We have been thinking about culture entirely backwards

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