4 Unconventional Ways To Market Your Book On Aleweb

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Recently, Tara Alemany, a friend of mine from the LeadChange Group, asked me to write a guest post for her blog, Aleweb Social Marketing: The Conversations Around Us. She asked me about my experience with Igniting the Invisible Tribe so far, and to write a post on what works (and what doesn’t) when marketing a book online. Here’s what I said…

So, I hear you’re an author with a book on your hands. Or, perhaps, you have a book in production which will soon release to be your groundbreaking tome. First, congratulations! Please don’t take these compliments lightly — many, many (maybe even most) people would “like to write a book someday.” Simply by the act of actually completing the task, you have made yourself a scarce resource. You’ve put your thoughts into the world in a careful and meaningful way. This is something to celebrate!

That said, even though you now (or will soon) have a book that you’re incredibly proud of, what you probably don’t have are millions of eyeballs, poised and ready to consume your brilliant and innovative prose. Don’t let this get you down; it’s a problem most new authors face, honestly. Most of us aren’t radio hosts or TV stars. We don’t have 100,000+ followers on Twitter or celebrity status.

So how do us “normal folks” get the work we’ve slaved over for months (maybe even years) in front of the right readers? Here are four ways you may not have considered…



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