I have a couple fun things to share with you today!

I had the great pleasure to meet a new friend named Moe Abdou last week. He has a fantastic program called 33voices that “bring[s] together the most influential thinking and thinkers on the planet to help entrepreneurs and business creators build great businesses and live great lives.” (I just couldn’t say that any better.) It’s very cool.

Moe was kind enough to spend a bit of time chatting with me the other day about the work revolution, among other things. I had a wonderful time talking with him, and you can hear the audio interview here.

Check out the profile view, too. They pulled out some fun quotes! (Did I say that somewhere? I guess so!) One of their associates even put together a cool Slideshare. I was very impressed with the whole 33voices crew, to put it mildly.

a kickass site called CoolPeopleCare.org is doing a fun giveaway this week: a copy of my book! If you don’t have one yet — and would like to get it for free — go here. Don’t dilly-dally; the contest closes this Friday 12/7 at 11pm Central Time!

While you’re there, make sure you peruse all the other cool stuff they’re up to.

We’ll be back with more deep thoughts / brain candy next week…


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