This week’s article is one I just wrote for my company blog—read the intro below and click the image or link for the rest!

As we look into the fresh beginnings of a new year, I wanted to offer a bold idea that could absolutely transform your organization in 2017:

What if you could replace your entire people strategy with the diagram above and a simple mantra?

That may seem crazy, but hear me out…

For each individual, the zone where the two circles in the diagram above overlap is what we’d call your “true strengths.” In that spot lies the activities that you’re both wildly good at AND where you feel the most energized and alive.

This place is where each person contributes their highest and best value to the organization—and they’re able to do it in a sustainable way where they don’t burn out.

If you want a better people strategy, all you need to do is get every single person in your organization into the center of the above diagram.

At first glance, this probably seems oversimplified: “How could that be all I need to do? I’ve been paying consultants and trainers thousands of dollars for years to help me develop people…!?”

But if you look closer, I think you’ll see that it’s not really that simple at all. There are likely many obstacles in your organization that would prevent you from executing this strategy this year…



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