There’s an interesting quote “floating” out there that goes like this:

Fish are not aware of water.

This describes our current situation pretty well.

As you know, I’m quite convinced that humanity is experiencing a tremendous shift in the way we understand and process the world around us. In this example we are the fish. We’ve been “swimming” in a steady cultural stream of ballooning information and increasingly complex institutions for so many decades that it’s very difficult to even see they’re there.

It’s even more difficult when these things we’re so used to change. It’s rightfully unnerving when generally accepted practices begin to evolve. But what’s interesting is that if the water temperature heats up slowly enough, we won’t even notice until it’s approaching a boil.

This is exactly what is happening right now. We can see it all around us in the daily headlines of the few newspapers left. The world is changing dramatically, and our “water” is approaching a boiling point.

Unlike a fish, however, our brains can understand abstract, invisible concepts like “the air we breathe.” Because what’s happening is a change in mindset more than anything else, it is happening “out there”—part of what we “breathe.”

Forgive me for mixing metaphors, but making ourselves aware that oxygen exists at all is the first step. When we start to see the chaos around us as an effect of a mindset shift, everything starts to make more sense. We can prepare for what’s happening, adjust the way we live — and thrive because of it.

P.S. I explain this phenomenon in much greater detail in my new book, which is coming out very, very soon. If you want to know exactly when it’s released, please sign up here!


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