The act of promoting people who are well-connected over being well-talented has always been dangerous (even though it happens all the time). But in the new economy, it will be an even more hazardous practice.


Mostly because these people don’t do anything to create real, authentic value. They can’t; they don’t have the ability. And in the new economy, this kind of capital-V Value is KING. (If you missed why this is true, go here.)

Today’s topic is almost the flip side of my post from the other day about tribes. Your tribe can get you “in” (and I’m all for that) but as leaders we better make damn sure the people we let in have the talent that fits what we need.*

And as an employee, this is why it’s becoming even more crucial to know your niche, discover your strengths, and unleash your genius. As long as the internet remains neutral, the balance will continue to shift from nepotism and favors to fairness and meritocracy.

The big reason for this is that in the new world, the larger society now has the ability, wherewithal, and tools to:

  1. Expose incongruities, and
  2. Self-reorganize in order to do something about it.

To put it simply…

If you are a hack, the entire world can be made aware of it with a few keystrokes.

But the good part is that if you are remarkable, the world can know that, too.


*Side note: companies try to do this now, but most aren’t very good at it. The big reason why is that they focus on getting the wrong thingsskills and experience being at the top of the list. Those are both things that can be taught, correct? Move those two to the bottom of your list, and put characterculture fit, and talent at the top.


I found the great cartoon image here.


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