OK, well, maybe not ME, exactly, but definitely US Gen Y’ers!

For my new book, I’ve been doing a ridiculous amount of research about generational studies, social media, new technologies, culture shifts, etc. It’s an fascinating field, mostly because it’s in the beginning of its adoption phases. Given, phenomena do seem to “tip” at a much more rapid pace these days (if you need more info on that, watch this from 2:34-2:54), but by my estimation we’ve not yet begun to really see widespread mainstream implications from the social shifts that are occurring.

As you may well imagine, there is a veritable cornucopia of information on these topics all over the internet. Somebody that’s been growing in popularity on my “favorite people I’ve never met” list is Don Tapscott. He’s an author and consultant that specializes in the areas of Gen Y (he calls us the “Net Generation,” for good reason) and societal shifts.

I wanted to introduce you to this gentleman, if you’re not already familiar, because he seems to have a really solid grasp on emerging culture.

Today I came across a particularly great article and video today by Don called “Harnessing the Net Generation,” which explains in a very articulate way why the war for talent is actually just beginning (not ending) and why us Gen Y’ers could actually be some of the most powerful employees your company could add during a time of uncertainty.

Click HERE to see the vid and article.

Thanks for maintaining such a positive outlook, Don! I’m with you — I think we’re going to see some absolutely fantastic shifts towards positive culture change over the next decade.


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  1. Samantha says:

    New book?
    When do you think you will have it avabilable for us to read?
    I loved your other one; Blur

  2. josh Allan says:

    Hey Samantha! Thanks so much! I’m hoping for sometime next year… I’ll be posting more info here on the blog!

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