I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Jim Wallis speak at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena last night. He just released a new book called “The Great Awakening,” and has just started a book tour to promote it. (I haven’t read it yet, but I will soon!)

I’m a regular reader of Jim’s work, and almost always love what he has to say. But I gotta admit: he’s even cooler in person. Or as my friend Jon said, “He’s pretty badass.”

We sat in the second row, about five feet in front of Brother Jim, amongst probably 150 grad students, and listened intently as he brought hope to an otherwise rather dismal Super Tuesday. As of right now, 7am “the morning after,” we don’t yet know what will shake out from yesterday’s primaries, but priliminary reports are saying that Mr. Hundred Years in Iraq McCain is leading the GOP (seriously, do we have to still call it that? It ain’t so Grand anymore, folks!), and Obama and Hillary are tied on the other side (does anyone else hate that we have sides?).

But Mr. Wallis gave us some hope last night. Hope that despite whatever madness may occur between now and November, the real winner this year is CHANGE. We hear it everywhere, from the mouths of every candidate, from Democrats and Republicans, from reporters and journalists. And the reason they’re saying it is because they heard it from us, the American people, first.

There’s a social movement going on, and no matter what happens on Capitol Hill, it is US, the true grassroots force for change, that will make the difference.

Jim said that he started his book tour last week at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, and they were showing a movie after his talk. Up on the marquee it said:

J I M _ W A L L I S
A M E R I C A N _ G A N G S T E R

Ah yes, I believe so.


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  1. So, looks like Paul ain’t gonna make it…Drats.

    Maybe he’ll run Independent?

  2. Rosane says:

    I got here from the Relevant website.

    I was at that event in Pasadena also. Small world! I have to admit I had never heard of Jim Wallis though, I just kinda “stumbled in”. It was pretty interesting though.

  3. josh Allan says:

    Blanch, look at you and your fancy Gravatar! Love it. I’m not sure if Paul will go Independent… at least not yet! Seems like he’s committed to get to convention. Looks like he picked up quite a few more delegates from Tuesday — sure, nowhere near enough, but it’s something! Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re a Paul guy, too!

    Hey Rosane, thanks for stopping by! Small world indeed! Do you go to Fuller?? I checked out your site… looks like you’re from MA! I lived on Martha’s Vineyard for awhile. Are you an LA-er now? Gotta say, out of all the cities I’ve been to, Boston might just be my fave…

  4. Rosane says:

    Hey Josh. I just realized I was at a different event. I heard Jim Wallis on Monday night at a church in Pasadena.

    I do live in Boston but I’m rarely there. I’ve been working in Pasadena for about a month and will be here for another week.

    Do you go to Fuller? I guess I can read more of your blog to find this answer but for lack of time right now, I’m asking it here. :)

  5. josh Allan says:

    Oh yeah Rosane, I was going to go to that event originally! Were there a bunch of people there? I don’t go to Fuller, but a good friend of mine does. I’m currently working for a church, but slowly moving into the world of leadership development and coaching, that kind of thing. What are you working on? Are you doing photography stuff?

  6. Rosane says:

    Unfortunately I’m not doing much with the photography stuff here. It’s a government job but I do get to photograph this beautiful state for my own enjoyment. You can see my flickr site if you want. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rwalkerphotos/

  7. […] state of America for some time now, and as Jim Wallis says, the real winner of this election is change. We’re all fed up with the pathetic war mongering, the declining economy, the injustice of […]

  8. josh Allan says:

    I love your photography, it’s wonderful! How much longer will you be in SoCal? Then back to Boston for you?

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