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In the spirt of Christmahanakwanzakuh (but mostly Christmas), I’ve just completed a brand new remix of my song “Mary.”

If you aren’t familiar with this song, it’s a story I wrote for Dom & Jane’s Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Show for Mix 100.3 FM in Denver. W&F is a special radio morning show D&J do every year where they bring in local Denver artists to sing holiday music live on the air. It’s always a lot of fun, and a great event.

In 2004, my friend Dom asked me to write an original Christmas song for the event, and I wanted to do something from a different angle. I racked my brain for weeks, and finally came up with something I thought was unique. Most people know the nativity story, with Mary and Joseph (and Jesus, of course), and I know there have been a few really great songs written from Mary’s perspective, but not any that I knew of from Joseph’s.

No matter what day or time you live in, marrying a girl who’s gotten pregnant by someone other than you is a pretty noble thing to do. I like to think that ‘ol Joe must have been pretty smitten with Mary.

“Mary” by Josh Allan

Here in the cold
Hardly alone
Beautiful girl, dead to the world
And I’m next to her

Rise and you fall
Watching it all
Baby inside, always reminds
Never was mine

I don’t suppose
That anyone knows
Why someone like you
Would care about me, Mary

Star through the clouds
With white falling out
Snow on the ground
It’s Christmastime now
If just in this town

Light of the world
At least to this boy and girl
We laughed and we cried
This barnyard beside
Our beautiful boy

Don’t look down, Mary
I need you now, Mary

I know even by now
It’s all tired out
Gotta let go, I’m the luckiest Joe
I know

It’s been a few years since I released this song, so I wanted to do a remix. You can download it here, if you like (right click, Save Linked File, etc.).

Artwork here.

Happy holidays!


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  1. m says:

    very nice my friend. i feel all warm and fuzzy, then again, i am sitting in the sun and i haven’t shaved…
    great song though.

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