I think, perhaps, that Life is what happens when we, physical, human representations come into contact with the spiritual, the super-natural, the divine.

Like, if we are the trumpets, violins, and cellos and the Divine is the notion, the creativity, the spirit that put the notes in their rightful spots. When these forces meet, something new happens: something called music.

If I knew how to dance, like a nice two-person number that Mario Lopez would Dance With The Stars, I might compare it to that. It makes a lot of sense, the whole “two working together to make a singularly beautiful action” thing…

But I don’t know anything about dancing.

But music… yes, music makes sense to me. The notes are there, on the page, sure, but they actually don’t exists in or on the page — they’re actually somewhere else. They’re nowhere, really, until some kind of musical instrument plays them.

But when that happens, and when notes are played well, and when they are in tune, and on pitch, and played with a beautiful timbre…

Well, I really don’t think there’s anything better.


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  1. Andrea says:

    This post is great. I love it.

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