Welcome to my first attempt at “the blog!”

For the longest time I had no idea what “blog” even meant; I thought it sounded like some kind of jello mold gone awry or an obscure Star Wars character, but no, in fact, it’s THIS.

So here we are and away we go…

By way of introduction, my name is Josh Allan Dykstra, and I am (naturally) the person writing this. I’m not sure how you found yourself on this page; it may have been through my website, through friends or family, or from a search engine (you know what, God bless Google!), but however you stumbled across this page, I hope you’ll stay. Maybe even find something worthwhile written here.

I must say, however, by partial means of warning and a firm prerequisite, that this blog might occasionally offend, upset, or confuse you. It’s not my intent, but we all know it happens.

My goal isn’t to unnecessarily trouble anyone. Honest. But that doesn’t mean I won’t cause necessary trouble. Hopefully, any unrest I cause will indeed serve some purpose: perhaps it will be a new idea that stretches us in new ways or something that begins a dialogue where we can learn something from each other.

All of this notwithstanding, (and to avoid sounding entirely like the back of a Lemony Snicket novel) I do feel utterly compelled to write and share. And I’m grateful that you’re joining me for a time on the path.

I sincerely do hope that somewhere between my thoughts, the words they create, and the gentle pressure of language having its subtle effects on our souls, some transference of meaning will be gained and maybe — just maybe — both our lives will be made just a little brighter, bigger, better.

To beginnings!


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