2016: Year In Review

January 1, 2017By Josh Allan DykstraLife 2 Comments

As we get started, I want to share something I learned toward the end of this year from a new friend and strategic business partner of mine, Chuck Blakeman. He shared something that was told to him by his mother years ago: “There are no excuses or even reasons—there are only priorities.” It’s hard for me … Read More

“The Real Difference Between Leaders And Managers…” In The Huffington Post

November 4, 2016By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership No Comments

Don’t miss my latest article in The Huffington Post! Here’s a little teaser… It’s popular to make a distinction between “managers” and “leaders.” For example, if you were to type “difference between managers and leaders” into Google, you’d get over 20,000 results. (Try it out.) People love to discuss and debate this statement. As the traditional thinking goes, … Read More