How I Help Un-Suck Organizations

A little about what I do.

I Write. I Write.

I help you make sense of how the world of work is changing through my books, articles, and blogs.

I Inspire. I Inspire.

Whether through a keynote or a workshop, I’ll leave you feeling more ready to change the world than before we started.

I Build Maps. I Build Maps.

Not literally. But if you’re a leader or entrepreneur, I will help you know how to get where you want to go.

I Find Magic. I Find Magic.

Every organization and every person has magic—some kind of genius, some uniqueness, some brilliance. I help find it.

I Connect Dots. I Connect Dots.

You want to know how theory and research informs new behaviors at work; I help connect the dots.

I See Big. I See Big.

I help you leverage macro trends, see the big-picture strategy, and always remember long-term impact.

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10 July

The Story Of Dynamizer

Around three or four years ago, we started shopping the idea around. But nobody wanted it. Now, everyone loved the idea — in a nutshell: to create a product that would help kids discover and develop their strengths — but they didn’t have the bandwidth to do it, or they had other priorities, or any […]


  • Carrie Kish

    “Our members were riveted by Josh’s topic and engaged by his style, but mostly we were really inspired to reach out and make real changes in the way we are doing work. We all became passionately enrolled and are actively seeking new ways to reach out and make a bigger difference with our clients and in our communities.”

    Carrie Kish
    CEO, CultureSync

  • Rachel Karu

    “Josh’s presentation was engaging and thought-provoking. He presented his theory in a visually stimulating and provocative manner. He challenged participants to re-think their current paradigms and consider alternative ways to get results in the new reality we live in. I recommend Josh for any group that desires to thrive in our ever-changing world.”

    Rachel Karu, MS, ACC
    Founder, RAE Development

  • Tera McHugh

    “Thank you for your fabulous talk! You’ve helped me to put words to the feelings I’ve been having regarding the shift that is happening in the world. Not only did you open our minds, you helped us to see how we could implement this new way into our businesses to enhance the work we do with our clients, so they can make an even bigger impact on the world.”

    Tera McHugh
    Founder, Association of Women Entrepreneurs

  • Susette Aguiar-Possnack

    “Josh’s presentation was inspiring! His teaching style captivated our attention from beginning to end, and he expertly presented the case for turning conventional wisdom on its head. I have already applied much of what I learned from him in several areas of my life.”


    Susette Aguiar-Possnack
    Director and Past President, Mount Saint Mary’s College Alumnae Association Board

  • Damian Goldvarg

    “I found Josh’s presentation very interesting, dynamic and thought-provoking. He presented original ideas and engaged the participants in a way that made the session very interactive and enjoyable. By using technology very efficiently, Josh was able to create a learning environment that created awareness and inspired people to take action.”

    Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC
    President, International Coach Federation

  • Anthony Markovich

    “Josh has identified, and is able to clearly illustrate, a key game-changing concept that allows individuals to obtain competitive advantages in the dynamic world in which we live. If you feel stagnant in your career or, worse, fearful of how changes in our society could lead to your displacement, I recommend connecting with Josh.”

    Anthony Markovich
    Professional Development Consultant, Teradata

Igniting the Invisible TribeIgniting the Invisible Tribe

Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck

Josh’s new book will help you make sense of the tectonic shifts in today’s business marketplace. Pulling together years of research in a cohesive, compelling, and easy-to-read narrative, Igniting the Invisible Tribe elegantly shows how the future of work is shifting towards something much more life-giving than where we’ve been.