9 November

Network Roulette @ Brazen Careerist

Network Roulette @ Brazen Careerist

A shameless plug for one of my favorite networking websites and their new product/service called Network Roulette. This just may change the way we connect with new people online.

17 May

7 Dirty Little Secrets of Job Hunting (How to Find a Job, Change Careers, etc.)

Trying to make any kind of career shift can be incredibly frustrating, and I’ve found there are some dirty little secrets most people just don’t talk about when it comes to job hunting. Here are 7 unconventional, and helpful, things I’ve learned.

29 March

Kill The Jargon

Jargon is everywhere. Just like countries, every industry has its own language with terminology, slang, and catch phrases. Some of this is fine, maybe even good — but there’s something important here we can learn from Apple about making our communication more simple.