Josh Allan DykstraJosh Allan Dykstra is a sought-after speaker whose energetic presentations are focused on helping leaders and entrepreneurs understand the future of work and how to design astonishingly great places to work.

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Thinking Around the Corner: The 3 Rules of the New Economy

TALK CATEGORY: Big-Picture Strategy, Business Trends, Future Of Work
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

We recognize that the world of work has changed dramatically, but we often don’t have an actionable strategy to help us get ahead of the curve in our businesses. Your group will discover how to shift everyday behaviors to leverage today’s incredible marketplace changes, instead of being run over by them.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The true cause of today’s business changes
  • A simple framework for future-proofing their team or organization
  • How to create a competitive advantage in a rapidly-changing marketplace

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Renewed energy and motivation for facing constant change
  • Greater autonomy, self-leadership, and personal ownership of desired outcomes
  • Increased insight into marketplace trends

“The world of work is currently experiencing the biggest transition it has ever seen—but what is coming is SO much better than where we’ve been.”


Leveraging Your (And Their) Strengths To Accelerate Meaningful Change

TALK CATEGORY: Change Management, Strengths, Maximizing Performance
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

Many times we feel that organizational change might come easier… if we didn’t have to get the people to change, too! The complexity that exists across our spectrum of leaders, managers, and individual contributors is immense and varied; what resonates with one person can land “flat” for another. Changes that might energize certain people completely suck the life out of others, causing resistance and friction. Is it possible there’s another—better!—way to help people adopt and support our change efforts?

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The 5 secrets to leveraging a “strengths-based” approach to change
  • Why change makes some people “stuck” (and how to get them un-stuck!)
  • How to tap into the unique intrinsic motivators of each employee
  • How to help each person become an enthusiastic champion of change!

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Increased motivation and buy-in for change efforts
  • More personal energy and greater resilience for dealing with organizational change
  • Clear strategies for applying effective change communications to different groups

“There are a lot of technical components to our change efforts, but at the end of the day what makes a change work is the human touch that we bring to it—and a strengths approach helps you do just that.”


Make Your Culture A Business Driver: The 4 ‘Seeds’ To Authentic Growth

TALK CATEGORY: Company Culture, Business Strategy, Future of Work
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

The phrase “company culture” gets thrown around a lot these days, usually followed by words like “Google,” “Zappos,” “ping-pong table,” “organic employee cafeteria” and “20% time.” But what if culture isn’t REALLY about what kind of business you are or what “perks” you provide, but is actually about something much more powerful — something that can be grown like a plant, actively designed like an architect would design a building, or a cultivated like a landscaper would craft a beautiful backyard?

More importantly, what if culture is something your organization could leverage to drive authentic growth in your business right now?

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Where culture really comes from
  • Why fixing problems will never make your company great
  • How to leverage the secret that makes Apple amazing
  • What music, your golf swing, and naps have to do with world-class performance

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Optimized engagement among employees
  • Increased knowledge to connect culture to business strategy
  • A better approach to maximize energy among team members

“If you get the culture right, then most of the other stuff will just happen naturally.” — Tony Hsieh, CEO,


Energy Intelligence: What We’re Missing About The Science Of Strengths

TALK CATEGORY: Emotional Intelligence, Strengths, Positive Psychology
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

For years, we’ve been told to “focus on our strengths.” In general, this is excellent advice; research has clearly shown how a focus on what’s right with people (instead of what’s wrong) fosters more successful companies and builds better places to work. But what if we’ve been missing a huge piece of the science of strengths? What if “strength” isn’t just about what we’re “good at?” We need to expand our definition in order to truly reap the sustainable benefits of this approach…

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Why a focus on what people are “good at” is no longer enough
  • How to apply a fresh understanding to the concept of strengths-based development
  • How to help leaders, managers, and individual contributors dramatically boost their effectiveness

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Energy for sustainable peak performance
  • A strengths approach boosts employee engagement
  • Tapping into natural energizers builds resilience amidst change and ambiguity

“It’s time to broaden our understanding of what strengths are all about; boosting our energy intelligence is essential to the future effectiveness of our organizations, teams, and individual leadership.”

barThe 3 Secrets of Employee Engagement: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck

TALK CATEGORY: Company Culture, Workplace Energy, Employee Engagement
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

Even though the idea of “employee engagement” has been around awhile, many times our organizations still aren’t as energized as we’d like them to be. Your group will discover a refreshingly simple way to approach engagement that creates a more energizing place to work and better business results at the same time.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • What sustainable employee engagement is all about
  • A simple and memorable framework for implementing engagement
  • How to shift personal behaviors and instantly boost workplace energy

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Increased engagement leads to greater productivity and profitability
  • Greater individual and team energy
  • Potentially reduced turnover and absenteeism

“Discovering how to tap into the discretionary energy of your people is the best way to innovate in the new economy.”


Working In Your Strengths: What the Best Leaders In the World Do Differently

TALK CATEGORY: Maximizing Performance, Employee Engagement, Positive Psychology
DESIGNED FOR: Keynote / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

Research shows that the greatest leaders in the world share one surprising trait: they know their strengths and they work in them almost all the time. In this session, you will discover why a focus on “what’s right with people” is so counter-intuitive and how to put this philosophy to work to re-energize your teams and organization!

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to motivate and inspire people in a fresh and effective way
  • A new path to boosting collaboration, innovation, engagement, and customer loyalty
  • A better way to lead in a post-”command and control” world

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Promotes more creativity, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Reduction of negative workplace conflicts
  • Increased energy, self-confidence and life satisfaction

“A focus on strengths over deficiencies may be the single greatest differentiator of the greatest places to work in the world.”


Company Culture Design For Startups

TALK CATEGORY: Entrepreneurs, Startup Accelerators, Co-working Spaces
DESIGNED FOR: 20-30 minute “TED”-like talk / Can also be delivered as mini-workshop

The phrase “company culture” is getting thrown around a lot these days, usually followed by words like “Google,” “Zappos,” “ping-pong table,” “organic employee cafeteria” and “20% time.” But what if culture isn’t REALLY about “perks,” but is actually about something much more powerful — something that can be designed like an architect would design a building, or a landscaper would craft a beautiful backyard?

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Where culture really comes from
  • Why fixing problems will never make your company great
  • How to leverage the secret that makes Apple amazing
  • What music, your golf swing, and naps have to do with world-class performance
  • Why you should start thinking about culture before you hire even one employee

“A great culture is one of the most powerful competitive advantages an entrepreneur or startup can leverage, so the time to start thinking about culture is RIGHT NOW (though yesterday would be even better).”


How To Stay Remarkable: What I’ve Learned From A Decade+ In The ‘Real World’

TALK CATEGORY: Student Leadership, University & College

In college, many of us have grand dreams about the huge impact we’ll make in the world with our work — yet sadly, vast disengagement (2 out of 3!) in the workplace tells another story about harsh realities of the ‘real world.’ Through this presentation, your student group will discover three practical strategies for how to create a career of remarkable significance and purpose post-graduation.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to find the type of career you should pursue
  • How to actually make things happen in the ‘real world’
  • How to ensure you don’t burn out by age 30

“Too many adults end up in jobs they don’t like, working with people who annoy them, doing things that will eventually ruin the planet. How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?”


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What People Are Saying…

“Josh has tremendous passion in his quest to identify the root causes of change in our world. More importantly however, Josh has identified, and is able to clearly illustrate, a key game-changing concept that allows individuals to obtain competitive advantages in the dynamic world in which we live. If you feel stagnant in your career or, worse, fearful of how changes in our society could lead to your displacement, I recommend connecting with Josh.”

Anthony Markovich
Professional Development Consultant, Teradata

“I found Josh’s presentation very interesting, dynamic and thought-provoking. He presented original ideas and engaged the participants in a way that made the session very interactive and enjoyable. By using technology very efficiently, Josh was able to create a learning environment that created awareness and inspired people to take action.”

Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC
Past President, International Coach Federation

“Josh’s presentation was inspiring! His teaching style captivated our attention from beginning to end, and he expertly presented the case for turning conventional wisdom on its head. I have already applied much of what I learned from him in several areas of my life.”

Susette Aguiar-Possnack
Director and Past President, Mount Saint Mary’s College Alumnae Association Board

“Thank you for your fabulous talk! You’ve helped me to put words to the feelings I’ve been having regarding the shift that is happening in the world. Not only did you open our minds, you helped us to see how we could implement this new way into our businesses to enhance the work we do with our clients, so they can make an even bigger impact on the world.”

Tera McHugh
Operations Manager, Versatile Systems, Inc.

“Josh’s presentation was engaging and thought-provoking. He presented his theory in a visually stimulating and provocative manner. He challenged participants to re-think their current paradigms and consider alternative ways to get results in the new reality we live in. I recommend Josh for any group that desires to thrive in our ever-changing world.”

Rachel Karu, MS, ACC
Founder, Stepping Into More

“Josh Allan Dykstra’s presentation was both fascinating and inspiring. Josh’s presentation offered us truly fresh ideas and gave us the opportunity to explore what they mean for ourselves and our clients. Our members were riveted by Josh’s topic and engaged by his style, but mostly we were really inspired to reach out and make real changes in the way we are doing work. We all became passionately enrolled and are actively seeking new ways to reach out and make a bigger difference with our clients and in our communities.”

Carrie Kish
CEO, CultureSync